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We are your mobility equipment specialists. Here you can find a wide range of mobility solutions, one to suit your specific needs too. We have various types of walking aids, including knee walkers. Sydney and other Australian clients now have the option to choose between buying and renting one of our many products.

If your condition is only temporary, you won’t want to buy an expensive piece of equipment. When you choose Ambulate, you can save yourself a lot of money by renting out walking aids instead. Opt for our knee walker hire, and simply return the walking aid once you have recovered.

Want to hire a mobility scooter in Australia?

If you are looking to rent or buy a knee walker in Sydney, or other parts of Australia, then our range of mobility equipment is just right for you. We are committed to helping our clients stay comfortable and free to move around.
What do we do?

We are your mobility equipment RENTAL or PURCHASE specialists

Bring you fresh and innovative ideas when you need help staying mobile.
Help you maintain an independent and active lifestyle.
Provide quality mobility aids such as the steerable knee scooter, wheelchair, smartCRUTCH™ and shower / bath benches, and more.
Can assist for short term needs or long term mobility requirements.

Is your mobility compromised by any of these?
Sprained / strained ankles
Broken / fractured foot, heel and / or ankle bones
Lower limb surgeries
Ruptured Achilles tendons
Lower limb amputations
Diabetes complications ( foot / lower limb ulcers)

I just want to thank you and tell you that I think your Kneewalkers are a great idea and to say that Justin could not have offered me more help. I will be telling all who ask me where to rent one in WA and your service is wonderful. Thank you again.


Jane / WA
Our mission : To get you mobile using creative support products

Ambulate provides mobility equipment across Australia for purchase or rental. Our products will assist you to be mobile if you experience foot/ankle conditions, injuries or surgeries; an alternative technology.
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