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  • The Kneewalker is ideal for individuals who are require non-weight bearing and / or are recovering from lower leg, ankle and foot surgery, breaks, sprains, amputations and ulcers of the foot.
  • This innovative and highly practicable  crutch substitute is suitable for left or right foot use and allows for greatly increased maneuverability.
  • The unique dual frame design provides tremendous stability and comfort together with the freedom to move when used indoors and outdoors.
  • This kneewalker handlebars allows for patient height adjustment, it has dual hand brakes and rear locking to ensure optimal safety and security when in use.
  • The channeled knee/ leg pad is height adjustable and provides increased stability which in turn allows for a pain free & comfortable experience.
  • A great feature is how easily the Kneewalker folds up, allowing for travel, storage, or just getting around, easier.
  • The Kneewalker can be used on hard surfaces, out doors, in the unit, the home, office or to and from the car.
  • It gives you back your independence and provides you with the freedom to continue your daily schedule at home, out and about, shopping, coffees, lunching and or work.


Our Kneewalkers are available in two sizes.

Standard Kneewalker

Carrying capacity, up to 136kg (Standard)

Kneewalker accessories are available and include:

  1. A wire basket
  2. A pure sheepskin knee pad cover.

Large Kneewalker

Carrying capacity, up to 180kg (Large)

Standard with a nylon bag, it can also be accessorised with a pure sheepskin knee pad cover.

Both Standard and Large Kneewalkers are either sold or are available for rent.