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A great mobility aid for smaller spaces such as units, homes, office or to and from the car.

It is the comfortable crutch alternative giving you back your hands for cooking, kids and work.
Has a therapeutic Goods Accreditation ARTG # 188977
NO MORE slipping, hopping and sliding your way into the bath or shower...tiled areas once wet are hazardous. This bench is versatile and sturdy, allowing easy movement into wet areas reducing the risk of falls.
The smartCRUTCH™ design offers superior comfort and mobility as opposed to traditional underarm and forearm style crutches. It reduces pain, discomfort and fatigue by spreading the direct weight load from your hands and wrists to your forearms.
Ambulate provides mobility equipment across Australia for purchase or rental. Our products will assist you to be mobile if you experience foot/ankle conditions, injuries or surgeries; an alternative technology.
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