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PLEASE NOTE: At this time we can only rent Kneewalkers in the Sydney Metropolitan Area due to transportation issues

Ambulate provide a fast and reliable rental service. Our service is either door to your door, or direct to your hospital bedside.

We also provide a free rental period prior to surgery.

Up to a maximum of 7 days prior to your surgery, you can have the Kneewalker delivered with no charge applying until the day of the surgery.

You can arrange to receive the kneewalker once you are;

  1. Are aware of your up-and-coming surgery date.
  2. Following an unfortunate accident.
  3. At any time you are required to be non-weight bearing below the knee.


Call 1300 309 766 – Monday to Saturday 8am – 6pm

A message service with a reply within 24hour is available,
Download the RENTAL APPLICATION FORM, fill it out, scan it and then email it to or Download it, open it in Adobe Acrobat, fill it out in the pdf, save it and then email it to


Once you are non-weight bearing, the rental charge will apply.


  • Delivery within Metropolitan Sydney
  • Pickup within Metropolitan Sydney
  • Basket on Standard Kneewalker
  • Sheepskin Kneepad Cover
  • Demonstration
  • Fitting to individual’s size, to avoid lower back pain.

Standard Steerable Kneewalker

Initial minimum hire period of 2 weeks with includes delivery & pick up within the Sydney metropolitan area.$159.50
Ongoing rental per week,$31.30 (or $4.50 per day)


Large Kneewalker

Initial minimum hire period of 2 weeks with includes delivery & pick up within the Sydney metropolitan area.$170.00
Ongoing rental per week,$45.50 (or $6.50 per day)


Where possible we suggest you have the kneewalker with you in hospital, allowing your physio to advise you in your recovery process.

Note; the rental commences on your day of the surgery.

Please take the time to view the “How to use the Kneewalker” video via the icon below.

Note; The kneewalker remains on hire with you for as long as you need it. Our policy is to extend the initial period with ongoing costs to continue at the standard daily rate, up until the date you advise us that you have finish with your need for the kneewalker.

To cease the rental you can advise us in any of 3 ways

  1. Call: 1300 309 766
  2. Text: 0421 461 766
  3. Email:

Please include the following information; your name, contact phone number, the date you contacted Ambulate to advise you have finished with the kneewalker and the collection address.