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smartCRUTCH – Australia’s leading choice for crutches

Crutches have come a long way. Today’s models are designed to offer the wearer superior comfort and mobility. Whether you are looking for forearm or axillary crutches, hire mobility equipment can be found right here at Ambulate. With us you can choose to either purchase or rent crutches, depending on how long you are planning to use them. If you have injured a foot, or leg, chances are that you won’t need to use a crutch forever, so renting would be ideal for you. Should you need them for an elderly family member who requires a walking aid indefinitely, then you might want to invest in buying the walking aid.

Whether you want to rent or buy you can do so at Ambulate. smartCRUTCH is among Australia’s leading walking aid, it is especially designed with the wearers comfort in mind and can help you move with more ease.

To find out more about the specifications, please read the information below, or contact one of our friendly and experienced staff members now.

Limitations of Standard Forearm and Axillary Crutches Include

smartCRUTCH™ is designed to reduce pain, discomfort and fatigue

Spreading the direct weight load from your hands and wrists to your forearms. They are ergonomically superior in every way and are fully adjustable to enable true user customization to suit each upper limb in every individual.

•  The angles can be adjusted from 15° to 90°.

•  The hand piece can be lengthened or shortened to balance the centre gravity under the shoulders to
   suit the patient.

•  The heights are adjusted similarly to conventional crutches along the shaft below the pivot.

•  The foot piece rubbers are unique in design. The design allows the rubber to angulate in all directions
   during weight transfer to the ground, ensuring horizontal adherence of the non-skid flat tread to the
   ground at all times. This provides a far more secure hold than conventional foot rubbers,
   adding to the increased feel of confidence the crutches give.

• Recommended Height Range: 5' to 6'4" (152.4cm to 193cm)

• Increased surface area resulting in a six fold reduction in pressure

• More comfort through even distribution of hands and forearms

• Fully adjustable settings to meet personal mobility requirements

• 9 position "push-pin" height adjustment

• Locking spline allows for secure rotational angle settings

• Ergonomically designed grips for added comfort and support

• 3 point forearm length settings

• Hourglass-shaped foot maximizes ground contact regardless of leg position


Weight of a single crutch: 1.76lbs (800 g)
Minimum Height Adjustment: 31.5 inches (800 mm)
Maximum Height Adjustment: 47.3 inches (1200 mm)
Adjustment Increments: 1.18 inches (30mm)
Forearm Adjustment Range: 10.6 inches to 14.2 inches (270 to 360 mm)
Weight Limitation: 260lbs (120 kg)
Materials: Injection Molded PVC/Aluminum/Rubber Composite

Ambulate provides mobility equipment across Australia for purchase or rental. Our products will assist you to be mobile if you experience foot/ankle conditions, injuries or surgeries; an alternative technology.
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