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Steerable Kneewalker

    Keeps you active when lower limb conditions, injuries, surgery or accidents prevent weight
     bearing. It is the perfect alternative to the utilisation of crutches.

    Provides alternative mobility when traditional crutches just don't allow you essential mobility to
     continue your daily schedule at home or work.

    Provides increased stability and comfort whilst also decreasing the amount of energy required to
     move about and perform your activities of daily living.

    The Kneewalker folds for easy storage and transport.

    The Kneewalker is designed for anyone that has "below knee" pathology.
     It is typically utilised by individuals who have experienced sprained ankles, foot fractures,
     ruptured Achilles tendons, bunions, gout, lower limb amputations & lower extremity ulcers
     (often resulting from diabetes).


Ambulate provides mobility equipment across Australia for purchase or rental. Our products will assist you to be mobile if you experience foot/ankle conditions, injuries or surgeries; an alternative technology.
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