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AMBULATE has be assisting you with greater mobility since 2010


The Ambulate Platform is aimed at retailing the Kneewalker Scooter and smartCrutch products to the general public throughout Australia & New Zealand.

We also provide the best rental options within metropolitan Sydney for your use of the Kneewalker Scooter, a quality and sturdy product in an easy and convenient fashion for you, the patient. We supply, demonstrate and fit you to use the Kneewalker for as long as you need it. We assist you to recover independently with the freedom you need to live your life.

Outside of Metropolitan Sydney it becomes a series of purchase options due to delivery and pickup issues with logistics, this service can and does work for you

Kneewalker and smartCRUTCH is marketed and serviced by and we aim to provide a competitive and realistic retail experience with reliable and quality products for you, the public, throughout Australia and New Zealand.

This site has been created to help you easily obtain information about Kneewalker sales and rental options together with the sale of the smartCrutch, as well as provide you with all the features and benefits of these Revolutionary Products which allow you to be active and be non weight bearing below the knee, at the same time.

Both Kneewalker and smartCRUTCH have truly transformed the lives of many people suffering from debilitating conditions, making it easier for them to get around and giving them back their freedom and independence while they recover. You can still participate in an enjoyable life with your family, friends and within your working environment.

An example is the Inventor and Developer of the smartCRUTCH, Colin Albertyn, who he himself was a victim of a debilitating injury. The pain and discomfort of conventional crutches persuaded him to develop a mobility solution, making it easier for him to have greater and easier mobility.